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Community Marketplace

In support of rising entrepreneurs and with a conscious effort to empower artisans & freelance creatives and those doing their part to help others, I have teamed up with some amazing creatives to bring you a collection of beautiful products and services made from the heart. 

Each product or service is made with care and has a story to tell. Each maker is an active contributor to a better, brighter future. If you are an artisan or maker and are interested in being part of our Community Marketplace, please Contact Us. We would love to hear more about your business, products, ethos and goals. 

Thank you for supporting the artists, entrepreneurs and communities involved in this marketplace, as well as our mission to create a slower, more intentional and meaningful existence in a happier and more sustainable world.

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Exploratory by nature, she is dabbling in the world of macrame and other fiber arts, creating unique jewellery, accessories and home decor. 

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Passionate of Life & Wellness, supporting others to achieve the best version of themselves, constantly searching for new ways to help others improve their health.