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'I pensieri inutili non amano l’alta quota'
Sara Andreoli

I met Sarah in 2008 I think. It was my last year working for a high-end fashion store in Rome and she had just started. We were the youngest ones there, working this job on weekends to pay for the university during the week. We were only there for a few months at the same time but her positive and contagious energy kept us in touch and social media helped us see what we were up to. 

Fast forward to 2021, here she is with her first published book! at the moment it is only in Italian so for all you non-italian speakers you may have to wait for it a little. In the meantime, to all the Italians here go ahead and check out her book. This is the story of an itinerant journey in search of one identity and a seat in this world. 

Throughout the month of November and December, it will be possible to purchase a copy of the novel personalized with a special dedication, at the discounted price of € 12.90. For each copy purchased, € 2 will be donated to support AIRC - AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research. Sara will personally take care of the delivery of copies, by hand or by post. I will quote her directly to share the reasons for this beautiful initiative:

“A month ago my mother walked away in silence as she tackled the hardest climb of her life, battling a tumour that she could not defeat. An eternity passed in a second in which that silence produced a deafening noise, the echo of which will remain in the folds of time for a long time. My grandmother also left with the same disease. Everything happened quickly in one of the happiest and most vital moments of my journey, in which I rejoiced at the release of my first novel "Useless thoughts do not love high altitude". My mother and grandmother couldn't read it but I know they wanted to. The best way I have to celebrate them is to keep walking, one step at a time, as best I can. And this Christmas I want to give them, me and all the women of today and tomorrow a small gesture to continue supporting research for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer."

For information, reservations or questions, do not hesitate to write to Sara or purchase the book online.

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