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Curious Craft Studio

I met Tuija in 2014 after a sweaty hot yoga class in Rome. While catching our breath in the stairwell of the studio, we immediately clicked (we chatted so long that they had to kick us out from the yoga studio as they were closing!). Tuija has become a very close friend of mine and I treasure her wise, cheerful and positive approach to life.


Growing up in the middle of the Finnish countryside, Tuija dreamt of working in fashion and living in a place where the sun shines a tiny bit more than in her hometown. Studying fashion design in Amsterdam then working as a wedding dress designer in Tel Aviv, she moved back to Europe, though the superficial and exploitative nature of the industry had dampened her enthusiasm for fashion. She set her sights on another passion and started a career in tourism in Italy. After all, culture and travel were always close to her heart, and she found a way to attribute her creative spirit to this new career path. 

Fast forward to early 2020, where in the midst of a global pandemic Tuija lost her job in tourism. Despite the unpredicted end, she saw this as an opportunity, or blessing in disguise, to create something wonderful out of the change. Concentrating her energy in what she loved and missed - creating with her hands - she began an Instagram page for Curious Crafter, documenting her journey and rediscovery of her passion of handmade items. Exploratory by nature, she is dabbling in the world of macrame and other fiber arts, creating unique jewellery, accessories and home decor. 

Tuija Macrame Artist



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