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Morgan Shelaine  

Life & Wellness Coach

I met Morgan in 2018 when she moved to London for her Masters Program in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at UEL University of East London. She is related to my partner with a connection we are still trying to figure out to date, but what we do know is they are second cousins. Faith would want it that her accommodation in London was a 5 minute walk from where I lived. As she was family, I thought I needed to look out for her and show her around. We immediately got along sharing similar interests which we could chat about over pizza on a regular basis and what had started as ‘looking out for her in a new city’ turned into genuine interest in spending time with her. Our interest in personal growth and helping others ensured our conversations were never dry and occasionally she would surprise me coming to my yoga classes - and obviously go for pizza after! Morgan is extremely kind and caring and has been such a positive influence in my life. 


About Morgan & What she does: 

Morgan is a Life & Wellness Coach. Always making the mind and body connection a strong foundation, after working with physical therapists and studying the body with physical practices, Morgan moved to London to study Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. This allows Morgan to integrate the mental and physical components by becoming a life and wellness coach to support optimal health and wellbeing for people. Having a passion for yoga, travel, tea, and advocating for people to become the best version of themselves, Morgan focuses on mind and body practices that bring balance and wellness to your life. 


Morgan works with you with a client - centered and solution focused approach so that you can be motivated and accountable toward your goals. Joining yoga as much as you can you are already engaged in your body working with Morgan will allow a holistic approach to live a healthier life. The mind and body practices prevent chronic issues, success in health and wellness goals, and support your overall well being. We will work together for sustainable change. 


Ask Morgan more about her work and have an initial one on one chat.

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