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Zigzag by Rhi

I met Rhianne around 2015 at a birthday party and she had brought the most fun and thoughtful gift to the birthday girl: a Moscow mule kit with the ingredients! clearly, the birthday girl had a thing for a good Moscow Mule. Originally from the UK, Rhianne moved to Rome back in 2011, with the plan of staying for just one year… but the art and the history drew her in and here she is 10 years later! She quickly found herself learning everything she could about the city and started working in tourism. She absolutely loved tour guiding, but 2020 threw a huge spanner in the works, and she was forced to reassess her life.


During the various lockdowns, she found herself taking comfort in exploring her creative side again. Art and design had always been a big passion of hers, but the creative side of hers had taken a backseat to academia for so many years, now it was time to let it out.


After discovering the incredible medium of polymer clay, Rhianne started to design earrings. Initially, it was just a hobby, but friends and family reacted so positively to it that she decided to take it further. She now focuses every free moment on designing and making by hand colourful and unique items of jewellery.


Each piece is unique and made with a lot of love. There are lots of designs available on her Etsy page, including a whole collection dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness (with a portion of the profits being donated to a Breast Cancer Awareness charity), and free international shipping is now available too.

Here is a taste of her work...




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