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Megan Allen

Mind Body Soul Wellness

Megan is an integrative wellness practitioner, medical Reiki master and certified massage therapist. Her work focuses on a holistic approach to health; moving the body’s natural energy into alignment with Earth, the four elements and the seven chakras. She practices integrative wellness - honoring a person's emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. She provides intuitive healing sessions and works with clients to relax the mind, increase body awareness and balance energy flow.


Megan also facilitates community wellness workshops, full moon ceremonies and spiritual entrepreneurship circles inviting participants to tap into the present and turn inward in order to connect with the cycles and wisdom of nature and the human body and restore and maintain the body’s energetic balance. These events are opportunities to come together to learn, share and expand.


Her passion is to inspire growth and promote healing from within, and she tailors her sessions to reflect this, using techniques from her healing disciplines as well as her love for Traditional Chinese Medicine, crystals, holistic aromatherapy and essential oils, tarot, animal medicine cards and a deep reverence for nature. "Nature is one of my greatest teachers. It constantly teaches me about grounding, stability, resilience, growth, and stillness.”

Megan from mind body soul wellness



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