Experience Yoga with Anysa


Practicing Yoga with Anysa you can expect to gain strength, increase flexibility, create space and openness, and participate in a positive environment with an experienced and passionate instructor. 

Anysa guides classes for all levels, from children and school age, to new and beginner yogis, through experienced and active yogis, and those with limited mobility; everyone with the motivation to learn and grow! She shares her techniques with an active and uplifting approach, tailoring classes to suit all levels and offering modifications of asanas based on your personal level, helping you reach your Yoga goals. Anysa works with you to ensure your personal practice is effective comfortable and rewarding. Her passion is transparent and the energy of each class will leave you feeling positive and motivated. 



An Italian - American from the outskirts of Rome. Sporty and rebellious, I have always been one to push boundaries and seek the paths less travelled. After graduating with a degree in Fashion History and fast forwarding through a Master's in Fashion Curation, I was fortunate to be able put my advanced degrees to use by curating inspiring exhibitions and museums. While on pause from my fashion career, I found myself on a detour to what has now become one of the most incredible paths I could have imagined...

Seeking a new adventure, I spent 2 months in an orphanage in Haiti teaching English, where I developed and led a successful fundraiser to raise the necessary funds to build a new dorm for the children. Invigorated, energised and deeply moved, I set off to see more of the world and its vast cultures. I spent nearly 1.5 years travelling around Southeast Asia, learned Reiki (L2) from the Master Luna Praya in Thailand before finding my way to India. Submerged in its rich culture of Yoga and Meditation, I lived in a few ashrams and participated in several 10 day silent meditation courses (Vipassana). My time in India was undoubtedly instrumental in guiding me on my Yoga journey.

Driven by my new-found passion, I returned to London where I studied under the senior teachers of Fierce Grace Yoga, including Yogis Michele Pernetta, Emma Croft, Karen Bellfield and Mark Oram. A student at heart, I’ve continued my development by completing Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Chair Yoga Training and pre- and post-natal Yoga Teacher Training. 

A winding journey has led me to where I am now and I am excited to continue to grow, learn, teach and practice with all of you. 

I love teaching, I love yoga, and I love sharing the love.


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