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Escape the urban chaos and dive into nature's tranquillity at the New Beginnings retreat. Consider it a sanctuary for adults—an echo of childhood summer camps—where you can play, learn, and bond amidst the cradle of nature.


Rejuvenate your spirit through daily yoga and meditation, soak up the serenity poolside, and wander through the enveloping woodland trails. It's time to disconnect from life's clamour and reconnect with your inner self.


Deepen self-awareness with Spiritual Theatre & Movement workshops—an alchemical fusion of theatre, movement, and meditation. Awaken your senses, ignite the hidden depths of your soul, and celebrate the transformative power of art.


Your leisure time is laden with soothing experiences: unwind under a star-speckled sky, soak in a rejuvenating sound healing bath, connect with like-minded individuals, play amidst lush gardens, or take a refreshing dip in the pool.


The charm of our retreat extends beyond its boundaries with a special evening in the captivating town of Bracciano. Immerse yourself in the rich local culture and indulge in the enticing flavours of authentic cuisine


Embrace the adventure of rediscovery. Book your spot and start anew under the canopy of transformation and conviviality at New Beginnings.

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