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It is that time of the year when we take space to reflect on all that has been. A season when we can take the time to think back upon the whole year and review the things we accomplished, the things we changed, and things that changed us. The celebrations, the adversities, the smiles, the laughs, the tears and to celebrate all that has happened both challenges and opportunities.

I took, and continue to take time, in contemplation and self reflection of what I want to improve about myself, setting intentions, and making goals. I set the will to bring that all into life.

So many people make New Year's resolutions. They have a moment's vision of this future and then spend the majority of the year thinking about the worst case scenario. Albert Einstein is known to have said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
We need to work on finding better ways to evoke in us a new way of thinking, to reach a greater level of consciousness than the one that created the problem. To begin to change our mind and see if it changes our outer reality. The moment I started applying these lessons from the teachings of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, working to change my thought patterns, changing my inner world, the level of joy and calmness inside started manifesting outside.

What we do on a daily basis creates our reality. Our daily habits make up 40% of our day. Habits are those actions you make without thinking. We must remind ourselves who we want to be and no longer want to be on a daily basis. The process of unlearning and relearning is a process which is taken day by day because the year is nothing more than a greater cycle of a day. At first, when I tried to make all these changes I struggled myself, however once I created a pocket journal to support me, I have been finding it much easier to keep a daily practice.

Check your year, see all the lessons learned - some good, whilst other lessons are information to change. You need to make a different choice to create a different outcome. The difficult part is making a different choice so this is where the end of year reflections can be so helpful. Take the time to count our blessings.Think of the things you learned, the friends you made, the good you have done and celebrate all the small and big things that brought joy into your life!

When you first start thinking about it it may not seem like a lot, however if you get pen and paper out and start writing soon you will find your pages overflow with beautiful memories.

Here are a few great practices I picked up from my loved ones, Rahsaan and Kyoko. Make a list of:
  • 100 fun memories from the year (use your photos or social media as prompts for reminders)

  • 3 accomplishments I am most proud of

  • 3 greatest lessons learned

  • 3 personal improvements I have made

  • The greatest influences (products, people, ideas, etc)

  • Smartest decision made

  • Most caring service you provided

  • Biggest risk taken

  • Most important relationship improved

  • One work that best sums up and describes last year

  • 3 things to do less of in next year

  • 3 things to stop doing next year

  • 3 great things about my home and where i live

  • 3 great things about where I work and what I do

  • 3 great gifts of unique talent and skill I have been given

  • 3 great knowledge and experience I have developed

  • 3 ways I have experienced ‘luck’

  • Choose your word for the year

I like to also think of are the books I read, the things we worked on at yoga and the new friends I made. Doing this reflection before diving into goal setting is a great set up as it shows me my direction for the following year. So as I continue to self reflect, one thing I am already certain of, my word for the year 2023: TRUTH.

Want support in guiding you to reflect on the past year & goal setting for 2023?

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Here is a tool I have created to help me support the goals I set year round.

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