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celebration of spring, life and new beginnings

Holi festival celebrations in 2013
photo taken by Nick Clague

Holi Festival, celebrating the eternal and divine love of Radha and Krishna since ancient times, is also known as the Festival of Love or the Festival of Colours. The Hindus welcome Spring and new beginnings during this cultural & religious celebration. Want to learn more? Here are some articles that I’ve enjoyed reading... "What is Holi Festival and Why is it Celebrated?" or "What is Holi?"

In 2013, whilst backpacking through India, I wound up in Hampi, a small village with many ancient ruins, during Holi Festival. When I first arrived, it reminded me of the movie Flintstones, because of the earthy colours and the rocks. It wasn’t until a few days later that I realised how beautiful those earthy colours and dusty roads were. Every sunset was more special than the last, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to experience my first Holi Festival.

The locals were welcoming and encouraging in inviting us to join in the festivities. So with new friends I’d just made from the Hostel, I joined in the celebrations on the streets of Hampi.

Some of the pictures in this article were taken by a great photographer, Nick Clague. Boy, wasn’t I lucky to have made friends with an amazing photographer!!!

photos taken by Nick Clague

Today, on Holi festival 2021, eight years later I’m excited to share a few clips and photos from my experience. Images & video may not fully reflect how amazing my experience was, however I hope these photos and videos may give you a little taste of the chaos, the joy, the fun and all the energy that was flowing and vibrating through all of us! Enjoy!

Happy Holi!

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