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What is it like to attend a Dr. Joe Dispenza advanced student retreat?

I've seen myself there in my meditations, learning directly from Dr. Joe many times but what I actually got was an experience which was so much more profound and life-changing than what I’d envisioned.

I attended the Dr. Joe Dispenza Cancun, Mexico retreat in January 2022. I knew I loved Dr. Joe Dispenza's work; I knew I would have loved his retreat; I saw in one of my visualisations that the key to my healing was to learn the tools from him on how to heal myself through the power of the mind. However, I never expected what was about to come next.

Dr. Joe Dispenza Unlimited Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend this event on a scholarship from the Give 2 Give Foundation - check them out as they do amazing work not only supporting people to attend these events, but also working in Mexican female prisons and fundraising to drive research! When I arrived in sunny Mexico a day early to ensure I could settle in, I was greeted into a paradise hotel. The excitement of what I was going to learn from Dr. Joe himself kept me up on the first night. Maybe it was the jet lag mixed with anticipation. After waking up a few times only to find it was still the middle of the night, 6 am finally came around, a reasonable time to wake up.

Still pitch black outside you could see the stars, as the sunrise would be in less than an hour. I got myself ready with my book, bathing suit and all the necessities for a morning meditation, swim and/or an adventure. I wasn’t sure what to bring. I was just excited and wanted to start my day strong with meditation.

I was looking forward to some quiet, me time to start. As I got closer to the beach I saw some people. The closer I got to the shore, the more and more people I saw. I guess I was not the only one with this brilliant idea to meditate before the training started! I noticed many of them were standing, with earphones in, arms out to the side with palms opened or on their heart and they all were in a state of bliss. They all looked like they were in a trance. I kind of wanted to ask what they were listening to? Had I already missed something for the course?

It was a quiet space and clearly not appropriate to interrupt so I just stood for a few moments whilst trying to figure out what to do. To make myself feel better, I told myself that's probably his team and volunteers during a pre course warm up meditation to juice themselves up for strong vibes to share (Eventually I found out that was exactly what was happening!). I walked to the front of the beach on the right side for some space and a non obstructed view of the sunrise.

I had planned to sit and go for my regular meditation but something told me I should stay standing up like everyone else. I put my bag down next to a palm tree, opened my feet hip width and started grounding through the soles of my feet into the sand. Boy did the warmth of the sand between my toes feel good.

Cancun, Mexico Sunset
I started with my eyes open staring at the glimpse of light that would soon turn into a full blown magnificent sunrise. It is always really hard for me to put into words how I feel when I meditate, but I will try as it was such a magical moment. A moment of realisation.

As I was grounding and settling into my space, I could already feel connected; switched on, not sure on what but I was on and an outpouring sense of gratitude started flooding my body till eventually it led me to tears. I had just started and all the emotions were present. Tears of joy for all the beauty in this life. After the sense of gratitude and tears of joy, a sense of serenity started. I felt like I belonged. I belonged here to this event, to this view, and to this connection. Again another pouring of tears; something more like a release this time, more letting go of those feelings of insecurity and doubt. Another sense of serenity filled me up. I just kept feeling better and better. The sun kept rising and a few rays started to peek through.

I noticed they look just like that one sun-ray I kept seeing as a child in my recurring dream. Often I would see it when I would get upset or hear my parents argue. I would hide in bed for reassurance. In the dream nothing ever really changed. One long ray of light would come down extending from the sun and inviting me on. I would always stare at it and sometimes adventure on taking a few steps on but I never really went all the way up. The sun told me it was my True Parents, my true home and that used to comfort me. At this point when I realised it was there for me all along, I burst into laughter. How could I have not seen it before? I've been dreaming this dream since I was about seven or eight years old. I had been connecting but never fully letting in. That was my first “ah-ha” moment.