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Breathe some fresh air!

Why going out into nature and spending time with family is so important

Twin Spring Farm, Wisconsin 2021 - Family time & Yoga

It is no doubt that the past 16 months have been extremely challenging for most people around the world facing lockdowns and not having the opportunity to move, travel and see family. Those who also had any type of health issue might have also found it even harder than usual to receive support. A challenging time for many.

I personally tried to make the best of these lockdowns from the start as I had the good fortune not to fall ill. I focused on deepening my knowledge by taking online yoga trainings, pushing my personal growth by reading loads of books, sitting in silence focusing on my meditation practice and wellbeing, and even went back to practicing Reiki (which I am now doing my Master level!!!). My biggest project however was trying to make this a time to stay connected, even if just virtually. So I started a small community of yoga lovers to join and practice together daily, as well as a monthly book club. Seeing this all evolve and come together in the past 2 years has been rewarding. Witnessing the benefits the people I helped were receiving and sharing, has made my lockdowns even more enjoyable.

As much as I thought, and I knew deep down, I was doing a great job - with all the meditations, affirmations, exercise, studying, supporting others that I was jamming into my days - I also knew and felt that something was missing. A biiiiiggggg something!

As I slowly started to ease out of lockdowns and see my family for the first time since the start of pandemic, I recognised that this is exactly what I was missing. I used to be a travel bug and seeing family around the world was doable. With lockdowns, not being able to see family in person because of oceans between us, travel restrictions et all, I missed out on my hugs.

Going to the US to see family has been a true blessing and breath of fresh air. Great for my mental wellbeing too!

Never underestimate the importance of going out breathing fresh air and spending time in nature. I love cities. I’m a city girl. But I also love beaches and fresh air and walking barefoot on freshly cut grass. The smell of freshly cut grass always reminded me of my grandparents in Florida. My grandfather diligently cut the grass every other day leaving a strong smell of fresh cut grass looming around the house, so when I smell it I feel at home.

I appreciate and I feel ever so grateful for my family and all the opportunities they bring into my life. All the love.

Having such an international family makes it really challenging when borders are closed but then when they reopened I was so grateful to be able to visit my uncles on the farm in Wisconsin, stay on a beach house on the lakefront in Chicago overseeing Lake Michigan and hang around at my grandparents in Florida. If you didn’t know me, you would almost assume I’m a spoiled brat. And probably I am very spoiled, but I recognise my good fortune to have family and friends. I’m grateful for all these blessings and do not take them for granted.

As I took this time to truly enjoy my family and all my blessings, I did also remember to create beautiful content for the on-demand library. I filmed three classes on the farm as well as a few yoga classes in the quirky beach house on the lake.

Being able to practice outdoors is so refreshing. It has its pros and even a few cons. You might get bugs, uneven floors making your feet sink and challenge your balance, there might even be a little dampness in the grass if it’s an early morning with humidity rising but then you also get the open space, the fresh air, the beauty of green surrounding your mat. All this is what I was able to experience practicing yoga on my uncles' farm in Wisconsin. In one of the recordings you will see I can barely keep my eyes open as the sun brightly shines into my face. It’s amazing but also impedes me from looking into the screen which is still ok. You’ll also get to see the beauty in nature with the dog, ducks and a chicken running around in the background at some point without interrupting or creating any type of imbalance just moving through nature.

15 minute Neck Stretch prerecorded class in the On Demand Library

Although my time on the farm has come to an end, I cherish and appreciate all of the boost of recharged energy that it provided me and I hope that by practicing these various pre-record classes you to will get to taste a breath of fresh air a and the surroundings used will help transport you to a space of calm.

Wherever you are right now, I hope you are making the best of your time by enjoying the people you’re with. Surround yourself with the ones you love and get out to get some fresh air whenever you can. Move your body anytime and anywhere you can. Enjoy!

Yoga with Anysa, Anytime, Anywhere with Anyone.

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