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Every Wednesday 5.30 pm BST
£12 per class or £40 for the month 

Course Objectives

Help bring a sense of wellbeing to mom-to-be, connect with your baby and keep your body and mind healthy. In these prenatal yoga classes we will focus on working to calm the nervous system, practice postures to promote childbirth, maintain healthy physical activity as well as support maximum relaxation.

While yoga does not guarantee a "perfect" birth, it does help a pregnant woman to be in the best shape possible for whatever challenge her birth may bring. The new mom can bring some effective tools with her to the delivery room that include awareness of the breath, positions to aid delivery, and the mental perspective that provides calm, confidence and an acceptance of the often unpredictable process of childbirth.

Prenatal Yoga




The goal of the restorative lesson is to introduce breathing techniques to help relax the nervous system. The restorative class is for cultivating resilience in the body-mind, and allows the expectant mother to take a moment of complete relaxation and help relieve back pain.

The goal of this lesson is to learn the classic prenatal postures; excellent for strengthening the legs and buttocks, they help to better support the ever-growing upper body. We will also introduce balance postures and various support techniques to strengthen the legs. This lesson will help you work with your ever-changing center of gravity.

In this lesson we will begin to introduce slightly more dynamic postures, such as the sun salutation and the variations available. We will continue to work with the postures of the previous classes and finish the sessions with the postures to facilitate relaxation.

The theme of this lesson will be postures to promote childbirth. These postures, already practiced separately in the previous lessons, will be grouped in a class to get to know them all and remind us what they are. We will work to give flexibility to the perineum and to acquire greater fluidity in the hips.

All classes end with a gentle final meditation to gain a greater connection with the baby in the womb and promote deep relaxation.

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Practicing Yoga with Anysa you can expect to gain strength, increase flexibility, create space and openness, and participate in a positive environment with an experienced and passionate instructor.

Anysa guides classes for all levels, from children and school age, to new and beginner yogis, through experienced and active yogis, and those with limited mobility; everyone with the motivation to learn and grow! She shares her techniques with an active and uplifting approach, tailoring classes to suit all levels and offering modifications of asanas based on your personal level, helping you reach your Yoga goals. Anysa works with you to ensure your personal practice is effective comfortable and rewarding. Her passion is transparent and the energy of each class will leave you feeling positive and motivated.

Over 400 hours of specialty training, Including Fierce Grace Intensive, Injury Modifications, Chair, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Baby Bliss Pre & Post-Natal Yoga Teacher Training.

Prenatal yoga classes

Duration: 1 hour
£12 single lesson
£40 for the month (4 consecutive lessons)
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