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First Blog Post Ever: and so it should be to say thank you for being there for me through 2020!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Thank you for being part of Yoga with Anysa in my first year in this virtual world. As a freelance yoga teacher, I genuinely appreciate your support!

2020 has been a challenging year for many and we heard this over and over again so don't worry, I will not go on sounding like a broken record. I will instead like to say goodbye and thank 2020 for bringing me on this new journey and connecting with all of you! This year brought growth and expansion. What started as yoga classes online to support family and friends during the lockdowns to stay healthy and sane, has transformed into a community of like minded individuals seeking growth and happiness through yoga and connection.

It all started with a few yoga classes, then we launched check-in sessions to chat and practice mindful exercises together, had workshops on quantum physics, added the 5 day challenge week by week to slip in some cardio, had a full on 6 day virtual retreat and the book club was born with the surprise of having a guest author Mo Gawdat to end the year!

When I reflect on all this, I am even more grateful as none of this existed last year and its all because of you and your participation! I am thankful you remain connected to our community and I'm excited to keep bringing more fun for us all. I look forward to all that 2021 will bring and I embrace the opportunities as well as challenges that will come our way. I invite you to use this turning point to look back at your journey and accomplishments of the past year and to plant seeds of intention for the year to come. See you on the mat soon!

With love,


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