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I met Cassie in February 2022 at the Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Advanced Training Retreat. We only met on the last day when doing a Co-herent healing where she was one of the 8 healers in my healing session. So, so, sooo grateful for the love she poured me with. We met up again the following day after the retreat was over to meditate together and exchange notes and experience. That’s when I got to learn a little more about her and learned what she does and was blown away by her brilliant art.

Cassie Zhang is a painter currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. She invents delightful natural landscapes using bright colors and vibrant patterns. Her aim is to explore and discover new forms of joy while celebrating her love for nature.

Although she does not have an online shop, if you would like to purchase any of her work, please email her directly at




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