YwA Summer

Special Package

Summer is upon us and the sunnier days, longer nights and time spent with friends will be nourishing our souls. To keep up the growth and momentum of your practice and connection with fellow students around the world, I have created a special summer package for us with a mix of live classes as well as the flexibility to dip into the on demand library anytime.

Every Tuesday & Thursday
2 pm BST/ 9 am EST Chair Yoga 45 minutes classes
3 pm BST/ 10 am EST Dynamic & Relaxing Yoga 60 minutes classes

Check out the YwA Summer package:



The summer pack includes:

2 months of yoga (Jul. & Aug.) starting 10th of July 2021

16 live yoga sessions (2 X 45 min class per week: Tuesday & Thursday 2.00 pm BST)

Access to On -Demand Library with over 30 Classes (4 new classes added a month)

1 Yoga Nidra

Summer Pack fee




The summer pack includes:

2 months of yoga (Jul. & Aug.) starting 10th of July 2021

16 live yoga sessions (2 X 60 min class per week: Tuesday & Thursday 3.00 pm BST)

Access to On -Demand Library with over 30 Classes (4 new classes added a month)

1 Yoga Nidra 

Summer Pack fee


£6 off each package for you and a friend if you bring a new member

Stay connected this summer and join the live classes twice a week. During the other days, you will have access to On Demand Library and can choose from a selection of short or longer classes as well as the type of class you would like.


Can I download the classes?

Classes cannot be downloaded and should not be reproduced without permission. These classes will always be available on the library for you to practice anytime.

Can I watch them at any time of the day?

Yes. So if you are in Australia awake whilst it is night time here, you can still watch and practice these yoga classes.

With On Demand can I watch them more than once?

Yes, you can watch and practice these classes as many times as you wish. Videos can be paused if you need to.

How does the payment plan work?

The payment is extremely easy. You do a one-time payment that covers your 3 months of yoga and all you need to do is look out for the email each Monday with links to your classes.

With On Demand can I choose which class to take?

Yes, you have the possibility to choose any class you wish to practice from the library.

Where will I receive the 4 new videos each month?

Each month 4 new videos will be uploaded on the On Demand library. An automatic email will be sent at the beginning of each month with a reminder of the 4 new classes available. These will be found in the library on the top option section called “This months new classes”

What do I need to follow these classes?

To follow these yoga classes you will need an electronic device with internet. We recommend watching these videos on a wider screen - Computer or tablet - and not onto your phone as it will be difficult to see. If you are familiar with the yoga postures and comfortable to follow the verbal cues only, then a phone will also do.

Can I watch these videos from a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can watch these videos from a smartphone or tablet however it might be challenging to see the video from a smartphone if you are practicing. We advise you watch on a larger screen so that your practice is not interrupted from moving to try and see better off a smartphone.

Who can I contact incase of problems with videos?

Before contacting us if you are having problems with your videos please check that you have a strong internet connection, refresh the page, and switch on and off the computer. If these basic tricks did not resolve the uploading of the videos please email yogawithanysa@gmail.com

Once I purchase this package, can I get a reimbursement?

This package is non refundable.

My monthly membership is still active - what should I do?

Once you purchased your Summer Package send me an email. We will deactivate your monthly membership and if you still have more than a week left on your monthly you will be reimburse pro rata. i.e. if you had one week left on your monthly you will receive £13.75, if you had 2 weeks left, you will receive £27.50 etc.

What is the Yoga Referral Program?

The yoga referral programme allows you to earn discounts on the Special Summer Package by brining a new member to YwA. You will both receive a special coupon to purchase the package if you decide to join together.

How the Referral Program work?

Tell your friends, family, students, and colleagues about this Special Summer Package, and you can both earn a £6 coupon code. When you bring a new member to join, email yogawithanysa@gmail.com to get your personalised coupon code. The coupon code is not cumulative with other offers and can be used only ones for package.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra (sometimes called “yogic sleep” or “dynamic sleep”) is a guided meditation technique involving conscious, systematic relaxation and breath awareness.

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An Italian - American from the outskirts of Rome. Sporty and rebellious, I have always been one to push boundaries and seek the paths less travelled. After graduating with a degree in Fashion History and fast-forwarding through a Master's in Fashion Curation, I was fortunate to be able put my advanced degrees to use by curating inspiring exhibitions and museums. While on pause from my fashion career, I found myself on a detour to what has now become one of the most incredible paths I could have imagined...

Seeking a new adventure, I spent 2 months in an orphanage in Haiti teaching English, where I developed and led a successful fundraiser to raise the necessary funds to build a new dorm for the children. Invigorated, energised and deeply moved, I set off to see more of the world and its vast cultures. I spent nearly 1.5 years travelling around Southeast Asia, learned Reiki (L2) from the Master Luna Praya in Thailand before finding my way to India. Submerged in its rich culture of Yoga and Meditation, I lived in a few ashrams and participated in several 10 day silent meditation courses (Vipassana). My time in India was undoubtedly instrumental in guiding me on my Yoga journey.

Driven by my new-found passion, I returned to London where I studied under the senior teachers of Fierce Grace Yoga, including Yogis Michele Pernetta, Emma Croft, Karen Bellfield and Mark Oram. A student at heart, I’ve continued my development by completing Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher Training, Chair Yoga Training and pre- and post-natal Yoga Teacher Training. 

A winding journey has led me to where I am now and I am excited to continue to grow, learn, teach and practice with all of you. 

I love teaching, I love yoga, and I love sharing the love.