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Finding your balance for the Mind & Body

Finding your balance for the Mind & Body. If only there was a magic formula, an easy step-by-step or simple exercise to obtain balance, how amazing would that be?

Now realistically, balance is a fine line we all juggle through life. So many of us are constantly trying to find the right work-life balance, the ideal balanced nutrition, the balance between me-time and socialising, the balance in our hormones, our physical balance, the yin & yang and so many more forms of balance.

In Ancient Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang represent the constant state of change or duality in the universe. They represent a whole. It describes how opposite forces are interconnected and mutually dependent in the natural world; and, harmony is only achieved when the two forces combined, are in balance. This dualism shows that nothing is purely good or purely bad. The two opposing qualities complement each other.

“One of the main ideas of Taoism is the belief in balancing forces, or yin and yang. These ideas represent matching pairs, such as light and dark, hot and cold, action and inaction, which work together toward a universal whole.”

This need and desire to find balance is nothing new, however before we dive deeper into this discussion, take the time to identify the area of your life you would like to balance.

In researching this topic, of how to find balance, there are many articles to pick from. “10 simple ways to find balance or “How to find balance in 7 Easy Steps or